The Council for Economic Education (CEE) and Visa have partnered together to create FinEd50, a coalition of partners whose goal is to improve personal financial education among all young people in the United States. 

They came to USDP to create the FinEd50 identity—and to make it as exciting, clear, and dynamic as their new initiative. Our team got right to work, leveraging our creative design and a collaborative spirit. We had three goals:

Goal #1: Create a contemporary, eye-catching brand

Goal #2: Ensure that the brand can be used in both digital and print.

Goal #3: Develop an easy-reference style guide to fool-proof implementation of the brand

One major challenge: The brand must be attractive to donors AND get youth excited about financial education. With this audience range, it would be easy to end up with a jumbled identity. But that’s just not how USDP does things. We explored a range of design strategies and methods for communicating with color theory, always considering how FinEd50’s overarching mission required a simple-yet-powerful design. Our team collaborated through every phase of the complex branding process.

We’re happy to have accomplished all three goals with FinEd50’s new branding! Fresh and energetic, the electric colors and blocky shapes of the new logo are action-oriented and ready for practical use. Our team particularly loves how the branding helps inspire change while also feeling friendly and approachable.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Brand Design

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