Delta Private Jets App


There’s an empty charter jet aircraft going to Las Vegas (or anywhere else), and you could be on it FOR FREE!  (Of course there are a couple of catches).  The new Delta Private Jets’ app for iOS puts real-time access to their entire charter jet fleet in the hands of their JetCard and SkyAccess customers. Reserve a charter or book a flight on an empty leg whenever or wherever you are, straight from your iPhone.

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The Delta Private Jets app merges Delta’s brand standards with intuitive features to deliver a user experience that is both visually intriguing and user friendly.

Back end integration with DPJ’s Portal API provides real time access to all of DPJ’s functionality with the push of a button. Now you can research and reserve charter flights all in the app.

The app has clean, intuitive design and is easy to use, so order your shrimp cocktail and a nice bottle of wine and take off with our new DPJ app!

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