Image of DPJ app screen.

Delta Private Jets App


There’s an empty charter jet aircraft going to Las Vegas (or anywhere else), and you could be on it FOR FREE!  (Of course there are a couple of catches).  The new Delta Private Jets’ app for iOS puts real-time access to their entire charter jet fleet in the hands of their JetCard and SkyAccess customers. Reserve a charter or book a flight on an empty leg whenever or wherever you are, straight from your iPhone.

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Image of DPJ app screen on iPhone.

The Delta Private Jets app merges Delta’s brand standards with intuitive features to deliver a user experience that is both visually intriguing and user friendly.

Image of DPJ app screen on iPhone.

Back end integration with DPJ’s Portal API provides real time access to all of DPJ’s functionality with the push of a button. Now you can research and reserve charter flights all in the app.

Image of DPJ app screen on iPhone.

The app has clean, intuitive design and is easy to use, so order your shrimp cocktail and a nice bottle of wine and take off with our new DPJ app!

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