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Clermont County Auditor mobile website homepage

Clermont County Auditor


At USDP, we love helping governmental clients look good and provide effective digital services to the people they serve. From counties to courts to the federal government, we consider it a personal challenge to make government websites work well.

That’s exactly what Clermont County Auditor, Linda Fraley, accomplished with this new website project. It makes us want to move to Clermont County Ohio, right now. We’ve all used our local county website to check out houses and see their value, and to get other residential information. It’s usually ugly and painful. Not anymore for the people interested in Clermont County. Give it a try!

Digital Marketing Services Used: StoryBrand Execution, Web Design, Web Development, Video Production


Clermont County Auditor website navigation mocked up on a MacBook Pro laptop and iPhone

USDP designed an easy navigation model so users could find important information quickly.

Clermont County Auditor homepage video loop

A sleek, short video loop was created for the homepage to showcase key highlights of Clermont County and drive interest in the area.

Clermont County Auditor's Forms and Applications library page

USDP helped the Clermont County Auditor create a Forms & Applications library so users can easily find the information they need.

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