Brightview Health web screenshot of homescreen
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BrightView Health


BrightView Health is a local leader in personalized addiction treatment throughout Ohio. We are proud to support their work, and partnered with them to create a website that serves potential patients and works to change the conversation about addiction. The new site also clearly communicates BrightView’s commitment to improving lives through a patient-focused and evidence-based approach.


Brightview Health laptop mockup of step-by-step treatment process

A concise homepage panel walks a prospective patient through the steps of treatment. By telling them what to expect, we hope to ease the fear of the unknown.

Brightview Health web screenshot of chat box

A chat box pops up on the home page to help the user feel welcome and get their questions answered.

Brightview Health web screenshot of illustrations

Illustrations are used throughout the site to explain the addiction treatment plan and aid in successful long-term recovery.

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