Boogie Wipes


As you can tell by the name, it wasn’t hard to get our creative juices flowing with a brand like this. US Digital Partners teamed up with Boogie Wipes to re-design the website, set up online e-commerce” and create other fun campaigns and promotions. One of our biggest challenges while designing the new site was finding the balance between a professional look and the need for some fantastically gross stuff.

Digital Marketing Services Used: Web Design, Web Development, Video Production, Digital Advertising


The Secret Snot Society campaign encourages customer loyalty by allowing children to take the pledge and become an official Boogie Kid! The pledge offers fun graphics matched with educational facts about germs.

Integrated e-commerce lets users purchase all of their favorite Boogie Wipe products and more.

When searching for a retailers near you, there is a convenient "Find a Store" locator showing the closest stores that sell Boogie Wipes.

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