Boogie Wipes


Boogie Wipes, one of the many fine products produced by Nehemiah Manufacturing, needed a good digital clean-up. USDP worked with the client’s talented marketing team to help portray their refreshed brand through a renewed digital experience. With the StoryBrand process, strategic SEO updates, and creative design, our team was able to help produce a refreshed website that reflects the playfulness and fun of Boogie Wipes in a more modern, accessible light. The new website for the Boogie brand is fast, responsive, and looks good on a variety of devices. We’re excited to see how the company grows from here! 

Digital Marketing Services Used: StoryBrandWeb DesignWeb Development.


Our team leveraged high-quality photography throughout the site to help drive a family-focused, energetic feel on every page. We carefully chose design elements to make sure that every element truly pops.

Through detailed product imagery, we were able to tell a concise story about the quality of the Boogie Wipes family of products. Curious customers will be able to see the products up-close, so they can feel empowered to make the best possible purchasing decision.

Finally, we were able to up-level the Boogie Wipes blog to make it a go-to resource for parents and medical professionals alike. Now, moms and dads will be able to have all of their needs satisfied through this site: They’ll learn about the best way to care for tiny noses, soothe little snuffles, and pick up gentle products to make child-care a breeze, all at the same time.

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