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They say that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, and for young players, it can be the reason they don’t continue playing. Introducing the Bat Grip! Learning to hold the bat correctly, with your knocking knuckles aligned, is fundamental to hitting a ball consistently. The Bat Grip helps young players do exactly that. USDP stepped in to create the brand, e-commerce website, and a promotional video explaining what makes the Bat Grip so great! So, line up those knuckles and Hit it Right!!

“As a new business owner, digital marketing and advertising, along with video and packaging design, were unchartered territory for me. US Digital Partners took the time to get to know me, my business and product, and worked with me to develop an all-encompassing approach to launching my product. They delivered a very professional product at a fair price. I will continue to work with US Digital Partners for my ongoing marketing needs.”

Ray DePaoli, Inventor of the Bat Grip

Digital Marketing Services Used: Brand Design, Package Design, Web Design, Web Development, Video Production, Digital Advertising


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