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AssureCare came to USDP with a desire to stand out in an increasingly competitive health care technology marketplace. The company is rapidly growing, but did not have clear digital marketing messages. While their website was informational, it was also dated and confusing. USDP worked closely with the AssureCare team to design a refreshingly modern site with clear brand messaging, a new color palette, simple navigation, and eye-catching animations. The end result positions AssureCare as a major player in the health tech spaceone that’s ready to make waves.

Digital Marketing Services Used: StoryBrand, Web Design, Web Development.


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We pushed the limits of conventional web design by challenging one of the most foundational elements of user interface design—the grid. By designing around an asymmetrical grid, not only demands attention but makes a bold statement in a traditionally stale market.

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If you make people burn too many calories in order to understand your product or service, they’ll bounce away from your site. The faster your customer can visualize the benefits, the more likely they'll engage with you. That's why we developed simplified user interface screens to help users quickly grasp the value of AssureCare's proprietary software platform.

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We simplified content by showing rather than telling, and communicating product features through relevant imagery. Bold imagery not only breaks up copy to make it more digestible for users, it also infuses AssureCare's branding throughout the site.

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