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Please welcome Paige Keefe, new account manager.

Paige Keefe has joined the USDP family. Her main job will be to hold all of us accountable.

What’s your background?
I was born and raised here in Cincinnati and my only four years away were s
pent in Bloomington, Indiana. I graduated in 2011 from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) with a degree in journalism. I had several internships in public relations during and after college but ultimately landed in an account management role with an advertising agency. I spent about four and a half years there before starting at US Digital Partners in April.

What is your primary role at US Digital Partners?
As an account manager, I am responsible for building client relationships, being a strategic thinker, collaborating with our internal team and keeping projects on track.

Why did you want to work at US Digital Partners?
We all know it’s such a small world in Cincinnati, and I had heard through the grapevine a lot of positive things about the company and culture from several people. I was drawn to the smaller size and family-like atmosphere. The variety of clients and the fact that most are local companies and organizations were also a huge selling points for me.

What do you think about your job so far?
I’m several weeks in, and I’d give it an A+! I love the fact that I can meet with my clients face-to-face on a regular basis. It makes it so much easier to develop relationships and work together to deliver the best possible result for our clients and their customers. My coworkers are talented and really dedicated to providing our clients with awesome work.

What do you think about the people you are working with so far?
Everyone at US Digital Partners has been so welcoming since day one. It truly is a family-like atmosphere here. When you develop close personal and professional relationships with people, it makes it that much easier to work together. Everyone supports each other, both in and out of the office. And the USDP fitness challenge has definitely brought out everyone’s competitive side!

Do you have any particular goals for your work at USDP?
Aside from the goals you’d expect from an account manager like building strong relationships with my clients and bringing new ideas to the table, I’d really like to dust off my writing and editing skills. I’m looking forward to taking on a role in helping write blogs, newsletters, client content and more. Since we are a digital agency, I also aspire to learn more about the technical details of our work. The great thing about USDP is that we all wear many hats. If you want to do something outside of your official job description, you can and are encouraged to.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love to travel – whether it’s to the beach for a relaxing vacation or to a city for an on-the-go trip. Here in Cincinnati, I enjoy checking out all the great new restaurants and bars that are constantly popping up. I’m a huge sports fan, so you can always find me cheering on the Bengals, Reds, Bearcats and Hoosiers. I’ve run several half marathons, completed my first triathlon in May and love playing in any rec sports league with my friends. More recently, I’ve become a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and look forward to getting more involved with that organization.