The Docs Go Mobile

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

Mobility. This word is synonymous with a lot of things. One is how we move our bodies in various movements throughout our daily lives. The second is technology. Thanks to technology, information has become available to us through a variety of methods. It constantly changes and moves with varying speeds. Yet one other word comes to mind when I think of mobility. Orthopedics. And with that word right away I think of Beacon Orthopaedics, based here in Cincinnati.

Recently Beacon Orthopaedics decided to take mobility down a different path.  Mike Darah and his executive team decided to reach out to their mobile users and develop a unique mobile experience. The Beacon team turned to US Digital Partners once again.  Both organizations worked together in 2011 to redesign and redevelop Beacon’s website ( The website has done a tremendous job of highlighting Beacon’s specialties in orthopaedic surgery, total joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, spine medicine and surgery and sports medicine.

As the mobile experience was reviewed, unique consideration was given to several topics. The amount of content, features, technology, loading speed, and what users wanted to see were all taken into consideration for the final solution.

The mobile experience allows the user to access locations, physician profiles, news and events, and virtual tours. This experience works to mimic what a desktop user might have. Mike Darrah had this to say about the final result: “Once completed, we immediately received positive feedback from our mobile users. They were able to access the right information in a short amount of time. They also were able to take the step of making an appointment. Since they are viewing the site on their smartphone, a simple click allows them to schedule an appointment. It is a win-win for us and our users.”

Be sure to check out on your desktop device and on your smartphone. Once you have experienced both, I can bet that you too will relate the word “mobility” to Beacon Orthopaedics.