Kroger’s Lynn Marmer: A Woman to Watch

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

US Digital Partners has had the pleasure of working with Lynn Marmer and her communications team at The Kroger Co. For several years, USDP has known that Lynn was a ‘woman to watch’ but recently the Cincinnati Enquirer named Lynn as one of “13 in 2013 Professional Women to Watch,” and now everyone in Cincinnati knows to keep an eye on her accomplishments.

In Lynn’s video interview she talks about Kroger’s incredible generosity including: $3 million to fight breast cancer, $3 million to support our soldiers through USO, and 40 million fresh-food meals for neighbors in our communities. In addition, Lynn is proud of her work to reduce waste and promote recycling efforts in manufacturing and retail stores around the country.

We’ve partnered with Kroger on each of the four initiatives Lynn mentions in her video. Please check out :

Congratulations Lynn on your well-deserved honor!