Interactive Design Position

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

Since we started in 2002, US Digital Partners has worked with some of the most recognizable companies in the world. We believe that great design is great for business. We believe in the value clarity, great user experiences, the right words in the right places, well written code, and all the nice touches that make our interactive designs just right. If you are interested in us, these beliefs should be very important to you too.

Your Work
Interactive designers at US Digital Partners are always working on different things. You may be working on a new site design for a consumer products company or redesigning the user interface for an email marketing piece. You may be creating a new identity for small business or designing a special promotion app for Facebook. Or maybe you’re developing graphics for a new iPhone app and presenting your ideas to the client.

Technical Skills Required
In addition to having great visual taste and talent, we expect you to be able to code well. This means well structured HTML/CSS, basic Javascript, and any other code skills that you might bring. Finally, great writing skills are a big plus since you will be expected to draft and refine marketing messages.

Personal Skills Required
At US Digital Partners, designers are expected to be leaders. It’s your work that people see and appreciate, so you need to take an active role in every project. Clients will look to you for inspiration and new ideas. You are expected to have great collaboration skills with your fellow employees, and convincing presentation skills for client meetings. This means you are mature, confident, well spoken, and able to drive the project to completion. Your ability to consistently resolve complex challenges in creative and effective ways will be important. You must be personally disciplined with tracking projects and staying organized. You must be able to eliminate distractions with an eye towards producing your best work. Finally, your fellow employees want to work with people who have a strong work ethic that includes a “get the job done” attitude.

Work Environment
We are based in downtown Cincinnati and you will come to the office to do your work. The work environment is fun, but professional and extremely fast paced. If you enjoy multi-tasking on a variety of projects, interacting directly with clients, and having the opportunity to see projects you developed used in high profile applications, you will enjoy working at US Digital Partners.

Compensation and Benefits
We offer a competitive salary based on your skills and experience, along with other benefits. New employees are immediately eligible for profit sharing and 401-K plan with matching.

To learn more about US Digital Partners and this position, please visit the page below and tell us about you. We are not looking for a bunch of resumes; we are looking for the right person. If you have the talent and are always looking to improve yourself, please tell us about work examples and anything else that will make you shine.