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How to keep a project moving forward.

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Projects here at USDP come in all shapes and sizes, no two are the same which is a huge reason why we love what we do. One of our favorite parts of a project is the strategy and brainstorming up front because there is so much energy and excitement to get the project going. In some cases, that excitement can quickly get buried by other priorities and the project can be classified as the dreaded “on hold.”

Here are some tips to help keep things moving forward.

  • Identify an organized person to manage the project internally. They will be crucial to help with key items like the project agreement, timeline, key milestones, and organizing the team members needed to be involved in the project.
  • Understand the risks of project delays. We will keep working ahead on items and other projects that we can, we like to stay busy!
  • Agree on a method of communication. Switching between Basecamp to one off emails can dilute any critical messages needed for everyone.
  • Don’t check out. Stay in the loop throughout the entire project. If you are pulled in another direction, be sure to let everyone know that and how long you may be less attentive to the current project. Consider having someone on your team fill in while you may be unavailable.
  • Understand that a timeline may adjust throughout the project. Don’t let a hard launch date compromise the overall success of the project.
  • Work ahead if time allows. This would include producing content, assets, setting up technology for future use(hosting, purchase of Content Management System, etc.)

Lastly, remember, we all have hiccups in life. Whether it is a work or personal issue, things can come up that may take up our time and prevent us from moving a project forward. Ongoing communication will help the team as a whole understand where the project is and how each person can help the project to move forward.