Going green is the new pink

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

It is no surprise that organizations these days have the need to display publicly how they are participating in and supporting sustainability efforts. The Kroger company, based in Cincinnati, OH, isn’t any different. According to Chairman of the Board and CEO, David Dillon, Kroger’s approach to sustainability is “a commitment to continuously improve our environmental and social impacts in order to better our communities and the lives of our customers and associates, and ensure the long-term success of our business.”

The company’s sustainability efforts really started to move in 2009 when Kroger made strong progress on green efforts, including the goal of saving 1 billion plastic bags, lowering energy consumption in stores, plants, other facilities, and improving efficiency in transportation. We were asked by Kroger, “How could US Digital Partners help Kroger to  communicate these efforts and results?” The only details available about their progress were in a flat PDF document buried deep on their main website. Our recommendation was to unearth this great information and present it in a far more engaging online experience. Welcome to

Our goal for this interactive marketing project was to give the end-user an experience that would make him or her want to click on each of the six tabs presented on the website home screen. In order to accomplish this goal, our team created a unique one-page website that would take the user underground (literally) to learn more with eye-popping info graphics. Once you dive into the mantel of the Earth, you can read how Kroger is doing their part with energy, waste, plastic bags, transportation, customer sustainability, and the community. Visitors can also download the full report, but you’ll be missing out on watching the clouds roll by.