Explore Downtown Cincinnati with our new iPhone app

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

One of the things that drives us crazy is hearing about a sweet new restaurant, shop or arts event in downtown Cincinnati and finding it closed at the time we go check it out. Lucky for us, we partnered with Downtown Cincinnati Inc. to create an app that solves our problem and makes us savvy downtowners.

This is a really smart app. Armed with this app, you’ll never again be disappointed while hanging out in the center of the city—it knows where you are in the downtown Cincinnati area and populates a map of the surrounding establishments that are open at the time of day that you access the app. You can filter your search according to your preference to eat, shop, stay or play.

Cincinnati iPhone App

Not only does it give you the standard information about the establishment, its hours of operation, phone number, address and directions that you’ll find on any app, it also give you more specific information such as a restaurant’s happy hour, late-night dining hours and when the bar is open later than the restaurant. In the mood to shop after work? Sure, we all know where Macy’s is, but have you seen the merch at Atomic Number Ten or Merryweather Leather? You haven’t even heard of those places!? We found them using this cool app that led us off the beaten path.

This app makes spontaneity in the city much more exciting—allowing you to chase after fun without having to guess at what the options are at the exact moment you decide to be adventurous.

No more walking a few blocks to the diner that serves chili that might rival Skyline’s only to find that it closed three hours earlier. Avoid running your friends into a dark, closed storefront by downloading this app for free at so you can know what your options are at any given time.

This app is currently available for the iPhone, but don’t worry you Droids. The USDP team is working on another version due out very soon!


Here’s a link to the launch of the Android version of this great Cincinnati app.
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