E-Commerce website design from the users perspective

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Recently rebuilt from the ground up and launched in February of 2013, the Western & Southern Open new online ticketing system is slick and selling lots of tickets. On the day it launched, it sold more tickets than the first three days of last year combined!

Western & Southern Open responsive website design

It wasn’t easy to improve on a ticketing system that was already considered a big success over the past five years. With this re-build, we wanted to take the opportunity to step back and thoroughly analyze the process of buying something online, specifically event tickets. We wanted to start with a blank slate. What could we do that would make the process as easy as possible for our customers? We looked at what other ticketing e-commerce websites were doing and were still not satisfied.

We came up with the idea of a seamless and integrated shopping experience that gives customers complete control of what they are buying. Here are several points that highlight this approach.

1. Keep the customer on the same page throughout the shopping and buying process. Searching for and buying what you want is certainly a step-by-step process, but it doesn’t need to be page after page.

2. At all times, display what has been added to their shopping cart and allow them to add more items or remove the items to get to the dollar amount they want to spend. We wanted the customers to see exactly how much they would be paying, and to play with different combinations of tickets to get what they want.

3. Offer related (smart) products at checkout that the customer might have missed, such as a tournament program, special event ticket for the dates they will be physically at the tournament, gift cards, and tournament apparel.

4. Design the experience to work perfectly on smartphone and tablet devices. Over 25% of the tournament’s visitors are using iPad, iPhone, and Android browsers to visit this e-commerce website. We want to make the experience perfect for them, too. Be sure to take this for a test drive on your smartphone!

5. Have you ever purchased event tickets but not really known what the view will be from your seats? Not in this system! We provide a slick seat viewer that shows the view from every angle.

6. And finally, we needed to create an effective back-end for tournament employees to manage everything. The administrative area was also custom-developed, and allows for the full management of the store and orders.

Many thanks to Will Sikes and the great team at the W&S Open for working with USDP on this project! They knew we were up to the challenge and gave us the collaboration and website design freedom we needed to produce something great.

See you at the tournament!