We’re Hiring – Web Developer!

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

US Digital Partners builds a lot of websites for a lot of amazing companies, and we need a Web Developer that can join the team and help us to continue kicking butt and taking names.

PHP, ASP.NET, AJAX, HTML, CSS, we do all that stuff, and we need more of it. We’ve got a great web team that works hand in hand with our designers to solve complicated problems and create well-crafted websites that we’re proud to put our name on. We definitely thrive in a team environment, where you’ll need to learn new things and teach us a thing or two as well.

Our coders aren’t in some back room next to the air handling unit. You’ll be front in center in our company, finding problems when no one else can, explaining your wizardry to clients, defending your geek credentials, and fighting crime (sometimes).

We need you. This Internet thing doesn’t seem to be going away, and “digital” is our middle name. So if you want to work on a small team where your voice is heard, your skills are respected, and your problem-solving merit badge is required, fill out our career form, bring your A-game and hustle.

Here’s a short video about one of our great team members.