Natorp’s Return to the WOW!

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Natorp’s has been Cincinnati’s leading nursery for almost 100 years. Now in it’s fourth generation, it’s quite obvious that the Natorps are born with green thumbs. Kyle Natorp, President, talks about “The Five Wows” at Natorp’s: First, when customers come over the hill and see the big greenhouse and second, when they walk into the greenhouse and see all of the color. The last three we have to earn through the service of the sales staff — (third) working with customers on the floor, (fourth) the checkout process and (fifth) the hand-loading process.

But Kyle added that our (old) website did not provide the same “WOW” and they needed a new one that showcased the quality and variety of plants available. The new website fosters the bond between the knowledgeable staff and the passionate gardener–whether they are novices or experts.

The new website features a unique groundbreaking design, beautiful photography and of course works great on mobile devices. Check out the new site and be WOWED!