New production: Downtown Cincinnati Video

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Hot off the heels of our last launch is a recent collaboration with our friends at Downtown Cincinnati Inc.  We created a new homepage video for them that showcases the Queen City in a variety of exciting ways. Just click to watch!

Our main goal was simple: make a high energy downtown Cincinnati video about the city we all know and love!  Immediately, we knew that we wanted to incorporate a lot of time lapse photography.  Time lapses can accomplish many things.  First of all, they’re the easiest way to pack as much information as possible into the shortest amount of time.  This makes it easy to articulate the scale of certain things like foot traffic or popular areas around town.  Time lapses also serve as a way to bring inanimate objects to life; buildings and structures become living things as clouds dance around them and their reflections and shadows constantly move and change.

Downtown Cincinnati Video

To break up the time lapse photography, we decided to insert personal moments filmed at ground level from all over the city.  We did this in order to establish a personal connection and to ground the video in reality.  This footage was filmed with the least amount of intervention possible, almost in the style of street-photography, so that it’s as if the viewer is witnessing the events firsthand.

Downtown Cincinnati Video

In order to blend all of these techniques into a seamless production, we had to have an exceptional piece of music.  This is often the hardest and most underestimated part of any video.  We ultimately decided on a fast-paced track that contained a beginning, middle, and end.  The goal was to have what the viewer sees bonded to what they hear, so that the music drives the video along rather than simply fades into the background.

Downtown Cincinnati Video

It was a blast putting this video together, and we hope you enjoy it, too!  For more info about our fair city, check out the website we designed and built at DowntownCincinnati.com!