‘Snot your average website

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

For almost a year now, we’ve had the pleasure of working with our client, Boogie Wipes, on  launching social campaigns and website maintenance. Recently, we received the green light to do a complete website re-design. We jumped at the opportunity, intrigued by their products and their playful yet honest brand (you’ll see what we mean). Boogie Wipes are exactly what you’re thinking: wipes for boogers and so much more. The wipes are made with a natural saline that is gentle on the nose and skin. Let’s face it, no one likes that red-nosed, painful, ten-too-many rough tissues feeling, right?

Boogie Wipes website design

There were a few key elements USDP and the Boogie Wipes team wanted to focus on for the re-design: the products, where to buy them, and promotions. As a result, these three items are on the homepage. “Products” has its own slide which links out to the products page, and customers can buy Boogie Wipes online through the Boog E Store or through various online retailers.

One of our biggest challenges while designing the new site was finding the balance between a professional look and the silly, “booger” humor that makes the Boogie Wipes brand. We achieved this balance by keeping the homepage clean and legible, but maintaining a casual and often goofy tone throughout the headlines and calls to action. Our goal was to present the information in a way that the consumer–moms–could read and understand quickly and easily. Kids can have some fun on the site, too, by “Taking the Pledge,” which is a section on the site where kids promise to “Save the Sleeve” and get a chance to win a prize! This portion of the site is designed to be more interactive for children, fully equipped with fun characters, facts, and jokes.

We loved working with Boogie Wipes, and consequently, we know a whole lot more about boogers! (Did you know that a sneeze can travel up to 100mph?) Check out the site in action.