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5 Ways Strategic Content Boosts Businesses

Last Updated on July 21, 2023

As buzz about content strategy and content marketing continues to pollinate, you’re likely wondering if this latest marketing technique is right for you. Here are five reasons why we respond with a resounding YES and how strategic content can boost your business:


1. Grabs Larger Market Share

The cornerstone of great content marketing is a customer-centered approach to content creation. From social media posts to website text, it acknowledges the reality – people care less about your products and more about their problems. By creating content that directly speaks to your audiences’ cares and pain points, customers begin coming to you for answers. Building that kind of relationship is a loyalty-changer.

Learn more about customer-centered content through our StoryBrand approach.


2. Makes Search Engines Love You

Once you become the source for the specialty information your customers want to find, Google and other search engines quickly learn to show you off. Combine that with staying current in your industry’s trends (as “The Source” must), leveraging its buzzwords, and being a good curator of external content, and search engines will have you on speed dial. Standard SEO sensibilities still apply.


3. Increases Customer Loyalty

Quality content strategy sets a tone and style for the brand content. This engaging and consistent voice creates a personified brand that customers can fall for. Thought leader Jon Wuebben says it plainly, “Content is the currency that powers connection.” Want to be extra-certain this love lasts? Focus on two-way engagement opportunities.


4. Builds Credibility

A key step in the content marketing process is differentiating yourself, finding out what you are considered an expert on, and beginning to own the conversation about it. Combine that with a consistent voice and creating content your customers want to find and read, and you have a recipe for credibility – main ingredients: relevancy, reliability, and a qualified knowledge base.


5. Escalates Customers through the Buying Cycle

A critical piece of the content strategy puzzle involves mapping out the customers’ buying cycles, analyzing gaps, and creating strategically timed content that moves them down the pike to purchase. (Basic example: awareness -> interest -> desire -> action.) By taking the time to break down this process, content strategy ensures your business is reaching its goals instead of bleeding out along the way.


Want to implement these trends at your company? Drop us a line and let’s talk.

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By: David Brecount

David is the Co-Founder and a Client Leader at USDP. As you can see, he spends way too much time thinking about digital marketing. But when he's not thinking about clients, he can be found reading, playing music, and pondering life's questions.