Team Member Spotlight: Jon Hanley


Jon, a Digital Analyst at USDP, has a passion for statistics, history, and sports. He thrives on learning, evident in his fascination with new technology, military history, and sports analytics.

Posted: Jan 12, 2022
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Jon Hanley

An interpreter of patterns, Jon loves stats. He uses his gift of numbers to help USDP’s clients daily in his role as Digital Analyst. Learning new things is core to this job, and thankfully, he’s already an avid learner. Jon soaks up new technology, military history, and sports stats with equal enthusiasm. Before joining our team, he worked at Nielsen as a Data Analyst, digging into product performance and buyer behavior. (Let’s just say, if there was a Jeopardy category on toilet paper, Jon would win.) Jon has a double major from the University of Alabama in Marketing and History. With a positive outlook on life, Jon dislikes winter rain and grumpy people. Off the clock, you’ll find Jon exploring the city, studying the art of warfare, or running data on Alabama football or the Cincinnati Reds.

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