Team member spotlight: Joe Kruessel


Joe, USDP Design team lead and longest-serving member, has 17 years of experience, offering wisdom and creativity. He excels in problem-solving and client communication, guiding projects and innovation.

Posted: Mar 18, 2021
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2021

JOe Kruessel

As head honcho of the USDP Design team, and the longest employed team member, it’s safe to say that Joe has literally grown up in the world of digital design. A team member for nearly 17 years, Joe brings a wise perspective to the table. Dedicated to his work, Joe approaches challenges with thoughtfulness and problem-solving skills. Equal parts responsive and observant, Joe listens carefully to clients, then brings their ideas to life. In addition to his creative responsibility, Joe guides the design team projects and innovation and makes sure that all the designers are moving in the right direction. When not at work you can find him exercising, relaxing with his family, or working on home improvements.

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Joe Kruessel

Creative Director

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