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2017 Digital Marketing Resolutions

Last Updated on June 22, 2018


Instead of wasting your time looking at all the 2016 memes floating around the Internet, let’s focus on the success your business had in 2016 and the steps you can take to have an even more successful 2017.

We hope you come back from the holidays feeling recharged and motivated for a fantastic new year. We often make personal New Year’s Resolutions, but we should all make it a priority to set business resolutions as well. The team at US Digital Partners has put together a list of digital marketing resolutions for you. Don’t try to do everything at once, though. Focus on a few digital marketing goals to tackle each quarter. What do you really need to accomplish in Q1? Work to reach those goals, re-evaluate, and set new ones as you get closer to Q2.

  1. Clarify your message once and for all. You can have the prettiest, most functional website in the world, but if your message isn’t clear and simple, your customer won’t know what you offer and won’t stick around. Define your audience’s problem and stick to customer-centric messaging. Tell them what you offer, why it’s better, and how to get it. Don’t be shy about calls-to-action, either.
  2. Offer something for free. Whether it’s a consultation, a trial, or downloadable content, offer your audience something valuable for free. Require them to fill out a short form, and it’s a win-win situation. You’ll have a lead, and your prospect will have something useful that can help them take the next step with you.
  3. Get a plan for better content publishing on your website. The phrase “content is king” might seem overused, but it exists for a reason. Our attention spans are short.  Create brief, “snackable” content to get your visitor engaged, then lead them to the meatier stuff. Interested users will take the time to read (or watch) content as long as it is valuable.
  4. Recommit to email marketing. Build your list. Have better stuff to share. Content that you develop in correlation with resolution #2 and #3 can be a great start. Repurpose that content for meaningful email content.
  5. Run A/B tests. Don’t just assume whatever you are doing is working. There’s always room for improvement. A/B tests are a cost-effective way to test what messaging, design, and user experience works best for your digital ads, landing pages, and emails. Don’t do it blindly, though. Have a plan in place.  Test one variable at a time, define goals, measure, and optimize toward those that perform the best.
  6. Focus on producing more and better video content. It’s been known for years now that many users would rather watch than read. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video is worth much more. Create videos for ads, social media, and testimonials. Facebook Live blew up in 2016, so also consider live streaming conferences, interviews, workshops, or other relevant events.
  7. Be sure to include app advertising in your mobile strategy. It’s no secret that mobile devices and apps have continued to grow in popularity. Mobile apps have much higher engagement rates than mobile web and desktop, so be sure that your digital advertising strategy includes app ads.
  8. Improve your targeting in digital advertising. Platforms like Google and Facebook have methods to reach hyper-targeted audiences. Take advantage of this targeting rather than marketing to broader audiences. Use cookies and tracking pixels to remarket to users who have shown interest. You can even use first-party data, like email addresses, to reach a base of specific users.
  9. Make security a big priority in 2017. With all of the cyber attacks and hacks over the past year, customers will be even more leery of giving out their information in 2017. Take all the security measures you can to protect your website and your customer’s data. Work with reputable hosting companies and other digital services. Don’t assume you’re protected. Hire professionals who know how to find vulnerabilities and close them up tight. And don’t forget to reassure your customers that their information is safe.

So where will you start in Q1? If you have any questions about our 2017 Digital Marketer Resolutions, drop us a line. Happy New Year and here’s to your success!