Pomeroy’s new strategy for interactive marketing goes live

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Nowadays, Calling out “IT!” in an office is a modern-day “SOS.” On the worst of days, the “IT guy” bears bad news of hard drives fizzled and files lost. On better days, IT guys are our heroes. They recover a day’s data entry with a click. They re-connect us to the internet. They protect us from hackers and viruses. They make things work.

Pomeroy adaptive website design

Of course, that’s a vast oversimplification of what IT companies like Pomeroy do every day. In reality, Pomeroy, head-quartered here in Cincinnati, offers a broad range of services including Managed Services, Professional Services, Staffing Services or Procurement and Logistics Services. Pomeroy’s clients depend on them to keep them in business, and they do it globally. It’s a world-class IT firm that’s mastered the management of a lot of complex, moving parts, and their website needed to show it – in simple terms.

Our challenge? To streamline a lot of information into an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly site that keeps up with Pomeroy’s ever upgrading and updating. Much reorganizing and planning later, we arrived at a web experience that presents Pomeroy’s main services at the highest level. Potential clients can find out more by drilling down to details through an easy architecture. Current clients can return often for success insights, relevant IT events, industry news, and Pomeroy’s latest project white paper. Better yet, USDP’s translation of the full site into an adaptive mobile site made navigating information even more clear and simple.

“Infrastructure. Optimized,” as Pomeroy identifies itself, is now desktop and mobile optimized too. Congratulations to Pomeroy on a refreshingly crisp, clean presentation of IT capabilities that doesn’t go over anyone’s head. The great marketing team at Pomeroy worked hard to craft the right messages that companies who are serious about IT need to hear. Take a look for yourself at Pomeroy.com.

Oh, and by the way, Pomeroy.com was name one of the top five websites for the month of December by Sitefinity. Thanks for that honor!