A new addition to the staff!

Last Updated on August 11, 2016

Let me be one of the first to introduce to you our newest team member, Kate Fledderjohn! Her experience and energy are all great compliments to the creative team here at USDP, and we think our clients will benefit from her skills as well. With that said, here are some questions we asked Kate to get to know her better.

Talk a little about your background.
I was born and raised in Cincinnati, living most of my life in Fairfield, Ohio. I attended McAuley High School where I was involved in soccer, student government, and volunteering. For college, I ventured out to the small town of Athens, OH where I attended Ohio University and played four years of varsity soccer. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Visual Communications (interactive multimedia sequence) with a minor in Business Administration. After college, I moved back to Cincinnati to start my career.

What is your primary role at USDP?
My primary role at USDP is an interactive designer, but I will also be involved in front-end web development.

How will your background in design lend itself to your role here?
My background in design will help me contribute to the team at USDP in many ways. My love for design and art started in elementary school where I discovered art as a means of communication and expression of feelings; it became an outlet for me, and as I continued through school, I loved spending most of my time in the studio. I was presented the Senior Studio Award in high school and the Outstanding Senior Award in the Interactive Multimedia Sequence at Ohio University. This background lends itself perfectly to my work with USDP, in that I love taking a design concept and turning it into something that appeals to a target audience. I’m happy to share these skills and talents as a designer with US Digital Partners as we work together to deliver solid, innovative work to our clients.

I know you have only been on the job for about a week, but what do you like about it so far?
So far, I love the dynamic of the team. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the USDP team better and starting work on some very compelling projects.

Do you have any particular creative influences?
My creative influences would be people. I think being creative requires a “walk in their shoes” attitude to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and viewpoint of those who will be using and viewing the final product.

How do you stay creative outside of the office?
Outside the office, I love using the world around me to stay creative. Being aware of places, advertisements, styles, people, and nature inspires me to create.

Speaking of the office, what do you think of the new office at 311 Elm?
I’m so excited to be working at USDP–especially in the new office space
on Elm. The location is great! I can’t wait for some activities outside the office that will help us connect—as a company and as a team—to the surrounding community. Which reminds me, when can we have a meeting at “It’s Just Crepes”?

What type of work are you most looking forward to?
I’m really looking forward to working on some creative projects, designing and brainstorming with the team and having fun in the process!

So how do you spend some of your off time?
When I have time off, I enjoy relaxing with my fiancé, my dog Lucy, and my friends and family. I also enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors. Sunshiny days, boating, snow and water skiing, hiking, sleeping, fall weather, Christmas time, kids, chocolate, and a tasty bottle of wine are guaranteed to put a smile on my face.