10 Ways That Video Can Help Your Business

Last Updated on January 20, 2021

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?  When companies begin to incorporate video marketing into their overall strategy, many find that outstanding results follow, with enhanced presence and increased revenues. If you’re deliberating whether to integrate the use of video into your marketing efforts, let us put your mind at ease. Here are 10 ways that video can help your business.

A great way to attract new customers is to give them an appealing explanation of what you have to offer. Whether you are introducing new goods and services or simply drumming up excitement about your company, adding visual interest with video is always a good idea.  Check out this example from Downtown Cincinnati Inc. all about bringing new business to the downtown area.

In most cases, people will be more willing to watch a fun, upbeat announcement video rather than read through a press release.  Be sure that your company uses a professional video service to get the best quality product. Here’s a little fun we had with DXC Technology showcasing their new website redesign.

Not only do videos invite customers, they also attract employees. Having top-notch recruitment videos that promote the culture and mission of your company can be beneficial and lead to more and better job applications. Companies that follow this strategy often see their applicant pool increase tenfold. Here’s an example from Nehemiah Manufacturing, a company with a unique mission when it comes to employee recruiting.

If your company sells a product or service that needs to be assembled or requires some explanation, an instructional video will be much more useful than a photo or diagram. Customers can even benefit from watching videos that demonstrate how to do basic tasks, such as filling out forms or creating a budget. Videos reinforce your message and are a great way to reduce the load on your customer service department. Here’s an example of a video we created for Roto-Rooter. This may seem silly, but using humor is a great way to tell a story and promote education with video.

Annual reports can be rather boring. Using a well-produced video to share the good news can get viewers excited and build grassroots support for your business. The combination of info graphs, animation, and music can highlight the accomplishments for you. Here’s an example of an annual report video created for the United Way.

When customers have a way to share their videos with a company, it creates a valuable dialogue. Video testimonials from customers add a rich layer to your website by allowing loyal customers to do the positive talking for you! Here’s an example where a non-profit allows the people it serves to provide the testimonials.

Hiring a professional company to capture and create a short film that highlights what your company does outside of the traditional workday can be a clever way to allow customers to peer into your company culture. You become more approachable and authentic to your clients. Plus, it is a great way to show potential new recruits that your company could be the place for them.  Here’s an example of USDP showing off our company culture.

Videos created around special events or holidays are a smart way to keep your business in the minds of your customers. You could be celebrating your 10th anniversary or your annual employee appreciation event. These milestones give you a reason to celebrate in front of your customers. Here’s an example of a holiday video we created at our office.

If you create a top-notch video that’s fun to view and adds value to your business, sharing this video will increase your exposure and may give you a whole new customer base that you hadn’t previously considered. Here’s an example of how Roto-Rooter had a little holiday fun and reached over half-a-million new views on YouTube and Facebook.

What does video have to do with SEO? Turns out, it can help boost your visibility. A professional video company can help you appear higher on search engines and give you greater exposure on video sharing websites such as YouTube. Take advantage of this unique feature to add another outlet for your company. Here’s an example of how Path Forward used video to take their marketing to the next level.

Ready to get a video of your own in the works? We have what it takes to get you started.  And if you just want to learn more about growing your business with video, check out our video production services page.

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By: Daniel Calderon

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