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10 Digital Resolutions for 2013

Last Updated on March 27, 2018

Ten digital resolutions for 2013.

It’s early in the new year and time for all those resolutions to take hold right? While a lot of us have personal goals, we may not have considered creating some for our business. Not to mention resolutions relating to your company’s website. To get you started off right this year, here are 10 great website resolutions from the USDP staff that can greatly improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts this year.

1. Know your audience. Who are you communicating to? It’s critical to make sure that your current site appeals to your current target audience.

2. Deliver a consistent message, tailored by medium. Are you communicating the same ideas online and off? Keep your high level messaging consistent across all delivery methods and tailor it slightly to fit the medium. For example, a mobile experience will give users quick, easy information on the go while a site will deliver more detail.

3. Make sure your website supports your sales and marketing goals. Your website’s most important task is to communicate to and serve your users. Analyze it from the perspective of someone who may not know much about your company. Is it easy to understand and navigate? Does it offer the information and tools a user is looking for? Focusing on the customers’ needs will drive your website’s results.

4. Live by the mantra “less is more.” It’s harder than it sounds, but very important. This idea applies to various aspects of your website like content, interactive features, navigation, color scheme, typography, and more. Web users browse at high speeds. You have only seconds to communicate an idea and get them to click to the next page. Use those seconds wisely.

5. Content is still King! Take the time to ensure that the content you are providing on your site is relevant to your audience. One way to know is by testing content in an A/B style. Try a video versus text delivery of the same information. Using analytics, determine which format is getting the most click throughs. This will help produce better received content delivery in the future.

6. Think past the desktop. Web content viewed on mobile devices has exploded over the past year and will continue to do so over the next year at an even higher rate.  When considering a new site, think about how a user will see and interact with it on their mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet. Make your site simple and easy for the user to get what they want, when they want it.

7. Consider using video to deliver key content to your users. It’s more compelling and engaging than text. And most mobile devices support video playing without a problem.

8. Take advantage of analytics. More often than not, this wealth of information is senselessly overlooked. Using analytics, you can take a look at what parts of your site users are actually using! If something isn’t getting the attention it needs, you can then take action to correct it.

9. Consider the true need of a feature before adding it. Take a step back and ask, is this really useful to my users? Unnecessary features and content only detract from what you really want users to see and do.

10. Consider a refresh over a redesign. Small adjustments in layout, content, and functionality can really improve user experience.

If you have any questions about our list of resolutions, drop us a line. Have a great start to the New Year and enjoy!