Roto-Rooter Video Hugs The World

April 25 is National Hug A Plumber Day. Seriously. It’s a thing. And obviously, it being a real and fairly self-explanatory holiday, it is the most exciting and emotionally cathartic day for plumbers, those lonesome heroes who perform the oft… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!

It wouldn’t be right to let May slip past without thanking our moms for putting up with us! The best way to do this was to interview some local kids and see what they had to say about “mom.” You… Read More

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions/USDP Video Solutions

Mike Albert helps businesses manage their fleets of vehicles. Simple concept, incredibly complex execution. Because when you stop and think about it, buying cars, upgrading them to do what you need, maintaining them, hoping they last and eventually selling them… Read More

We’re Pop’n Bottles

We’re pop’n bottles at USDP to celebrate the three websites that won the 2014 Sitefinity Website of the Year award.  CVG Airport earned the top spot in the Aviation category, United Way of Greater Cincinnati was #1 in the Non-Profit… Read More

5 Ways Strategic Content Boosts Businesses

As buzz about content strategy and content marketing continues to pollenate, you’re likely wondering if this latest marketing technique is right for you. Here are five reasons why we respond with a resounding YES and how strategic content can boost… Read More

Natorp’s Return to the WOW!

Natorp’s has been Cincinnati’s leading nursery for almost 100 years. Now in it’s fourth generation, it’s quite obvious that the Natorps are born with green thumbs. Kyle Natorp, President, talks about “The Five Wows” at Natorp’s: First, when customers come… Read More

Eight Ways to Stand Out on the Web

We come across web trend articles multiple times a day and much like fashion trends, some are modern and savvy and others don’t always make the “best dressed” list. We’ve taken our favorite 8 web trends and have outlined them… Read More

How to keep a project moving forward.

Projects here at USDP come in all shapes and sizes, no two are the same which is a huge reason why we love what we do. One of our favorite parts of a project is the strategy and brainstorming up… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is that one holiday in the year perfectly constructed to make everyone feel kind of bad about themselves. If you’re in a relationship, you probably should have made better plans for the big day. And if you’re not… Read More

Roto-Rooter and Tom Crapper Make History!

Roto-Rooter knows a thing or two about toilets, so a day that celebrates the plumbing icon Thomas Crapper is basically their Christmas. On January 27, the world pays tribute to the man who didn’t create the toilet but everyone thinks… Read More

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