A new iPhone App for SparkPeople

Hot Cincinnati iPhone App

How about a little inspiration for the new year? US Digital Partners has just designed and built a new iPhone app for SparkPeople.com, one of the worlds largest health and fitness websites. The app offers an inspirational quote each day, cross promotes some different products from SparkPeople, and is also integrated with the Apple iAd system.

Spark People Quotes

Downloads of the app have be great so far, and with more than 11.5 million SparkPeople.com users world-wide we expect the number of users to go through the roof. To take this new iPhone app for a test drive, please visit the iTunes store. It’s free to get inspired.

To learn more about what makes SparkPeople such a successful Cincinnati-based company take a look at this recent article on the Cincinnati.com EnterChange website.

By USDP, Posted January 6, 2012

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