Sharing Courage raises the bar once again

Sometimes finding purpose in what you do is a piece of cake. For all of us at US Digital Partners, it’s a piece of pink cake. We’ve just launched our 4th generation of We teamed up, once again, with… Read More

Our new home @ 311 Elm Street

As of October 17, 2011, our new downtown Cincinnati office is located at 311 Elm Street. It’s a wonderful location, so please stop by to check out the new crib. Many thanks to the team at Duke Realty, and a… Read More

Interactive Developer Position

We are looking for another great person to join our developer team. Since we started in 2002, US Digital Partners has worked with many companies you may know. We believe in well written code, applying the latest technologies to our… Read More

Where to volunteer? Site makes it easy.

Thanks to @laurabaverman for a great story today in the business section of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Joe Hansbauer and are featured. Enjoy!

Back That Thang Up

If you’ve never been there, you’re lucky. You sit down at your computer, pull up your website, and—it’s not there. It takes a few minutes for panic to set in, but your heart rate starts climbing immediately. Is it my… Read More

Explore Downtown Cincinnati with our new iPhone app

One of the things that drives us crazy is hearing about a sweet new restaurant, shop or arts event in downtown Cincinnati and finding it closed at the time we go check it out. Lucky for us, we partnered with… Read More

How I spent my summer

Being a senior going into my last year studying Computer Science at the University of Kentucky without much quantifiable experience, I knew I had to do something before being pushed out into the real world.  I began looking around Lexington,… Read More

Interactive Design Position

Since we started in 2002, US Digital Partners has worked with some of the most recognizable companies in the world. We believe that great design is great for business. We believe in the value clarity, great user experiences, the right… Read More

Just Pick Up the Phone

With the proliferation of everything digital it seems like a text or email has become the default communication method.  Heck, my kids won’t even answer the phone—I have to text them to get a response. And don’t expect a voicemail to expedite the response.… Read More

Happy Birthday USDP!

July marks the start of our 10th year in business. Wow, time sure does fly by when you’re having fun. We can’t believe it’s been ten years. The owners of US Digital Partners (Kevin, Joe, Mark, and David as seen… Read More

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