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  • This week we are celebrating 12-years in business. Cheers everyone! https://t.co/OWqzUfc0kO http://t.co/ltlWbFwSsA
  • Happy Birthday 'Murica! Lending a hand in the land that we love. #HonoringOurHeroes #usdp #Murica http://t.co/bfQANA5KcS
  • RT @HamiltonCoJFS: Thanks to @usdp for our new logo! http://t.co/Q1hAZi0AE9
  • The @usdp team having fun at Walmart. Call the cops! http://t.co/EHedQCDSLA
  • RT @cincivocations: The Gift of the Priesthood video is an award winner! Thanks @USDP! http://t.co/EGgZuvGmsR
  • @cincivocations @CatholicCincy Thanks so much. We can't wait to share it next week!
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